Connectivity made easy

Connect via Ethernet

Several users can work with direct access to your facilities’ network, and conveniently operate the Leica IC90 E from any remote PC or Mac. Even mobile devices can be used to operate the camera wirelessly, if they are connected to your company’s network by Wi-Fi.

Connect via USB

For workplaces without network access choose the USB-mode to connect the camera and the software directly with your PC or Mac. 

Connect via HDMI

The HDMI mode allows you to view images directly on an HD monitor or capture images directly onto SD card, without a computer.

Integrated, Compact, and Ergonomic

No more adapters!

The Leica IC90 E is designed to directly interface with your microscope. It is mounted between the tube and the optics carrier, so you don’t need a documentation tube nor a c-mount to operate the camera. 

Cost-effective documentation

All connectors are housed inside the camera and help to ensure the durability of the system. This gives you a cost-effective way to add documentation ability to your microscope. 

Binoculars or computer screen

The camera integration also ensures an ergonomic microscope workplace. Users can view their samples conveniently both on screen and through the microscope's binocular tube.

See more and work fast

  • See more details due to the 10 MP CMOS camera sensor 
  • Experience the camera strength even at lower magnification due to the harmonized resolution of camera and optics
  • Work fast and focus comfortably on your live image on screen with up to 35 frames per second
  • Find the best contrast in your sample by using the integrated color and monochrome acquisition modes

Software and Mobile Applications

The camera is supported by multiple different software versions to give you the right solution for your situation:

  • Work with the Leica Application Suite software in the versions LAS 4.9 and LAS X for PCs. LAS X supports you with the latest imaging technology to simplify your inspection and photo documentation work.
  • Choose Leica Acquire imaging documentation software for your Mac. The software is free of charge and available on iTunes.
  • Try the free Leica LAS EZ imaging software for basic documentation and annotations for your Windows PC.
  • Install the Leica AirLab App from iTunes or Google Play Store to work with your mobile devices and an application free of charge.


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