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EM GP2 自动投入冷冻仪 EM GP2

Operating Conditions



Room Temperature

+15 to +30 °C

+21 to +24 °C

Room Rel. Humidity

Max. 55 %

Around 40 %

Storage Temperature

+5 to +35°C

+21 to +24 °C

Storage Humidity

Max. 55 %

Around 40 %

Room Ventilation

Required at all times during operation.

Environmental Chamber


Temperature Control

+4 to +60 °C

Humidity Control

Room Humidity to 99%

Chamber Features

Light (LED), Anti-Fog Heating



LN2 Dewar Volume

1 l

Dewar Temperature

-196 °C

Dewar bake-out Temperature

Max. +110°C

LN2 Consumption

~ 1 l/h1

  1TF 50%, Dewar covered with lid, secondary cryogen temperature -180°C

Preparation Chamber


Allowed Secondary Cryogen

Ethane / Propane

Secondary Cryogen Container Temperature

0 to -196 °C

Secondary Cryogen Container Volume

2.5 ml